Please contact us on our email or phone and we will arange an appointment at your convenience. Do not contact us on facebook messenger.
No. You do not need to have to be registered with a Czech insurance company. You will be required to pay the cost of the treatment in cash, according to our price list.
We accept only cash payments at our office at the moment. There is an ATM machine close to both Florenc and Křižíkova metro stations.
Schedule an appointment in our office by email or by phone. The physical examination will be done by the doctor at our office and we will provide you with the referral for X-ray of your chest and blood tests .(those will be done at laboratories which we will give you a contact for) We only accept cash payments, for more information refer to our price list. X ray and Blood test will be paid separetly in the laboratory. If you have any medical reports from your homecountry, bring them with you, the doctor will check them over if they're sufficient or not and then decide if further testing is needed. When you get the results from your X-ray and laboratory, please, call us or write us an email and book another appointment to finish the final paperwork for your school. There is no fee for the second appointment.