About us

We are a small family private health facility with an individual and personalised approach to each patient. The clinic is run by Dr. Grohova M.D. We also cooperate with many top professionals from specialized fields. We have been forming our clientele since 2006, mainly on a basis of personal contacts and recommendations.


I personally believe that using the classical treatment with chemical drugs alone cannot heal a patient fully, but only suppress the symptoms as the disease persists under the surface. And if I really want to help the patient, I need to focus on the “psyche” too. Therefore I prefer a comprehensive holistic approach to both disease and human body.

MUDr. Ivana Grohová

We offer a wide range of general medical care such as the evaluation and the treatment of:

  • Acute illnesses -evaluation and treatment of common acute illnesses (respiratory tract infections, sorethroat , urinary tract infection, abdominal pain, back troubles, soft tissue damage, etc )
  • Chronic illnesses-management of common  chronic illnesses affecting our population (  high blood pressure,  diabetes,  gout,   high cholesterol and lipids, disorder of thyroid gland, obesity, asthma,  seasonal allergies, etc…)
  • Mental disorders health care (depression, anxiety. etc )
  • Preventative examinations
  • Others such as
    • Confidential STD testing
    • Travel medicine including antimalarial preventative
    • Vaccination– we ensure both mandatory and recommended vaccination
    • Examination for driving licence
    • Examination for job
    • Different types of certificates (study, job, work, immunisation, firearm licence, life insurance, etc.)