Price list

We only accept cash payments. Thank you.

Foreigners insured in Czech Republic
Contract with VZP, OZP, VoZP, MVZP
Office visit + foreign language communication fee + appointment system

300,- CZK/per visit

Students without Czech insurance
(Medical report for insurance company FREE)

700,- CZK

Foreigners not insured in Czech Republic

800,- CZK

Preventive medical care for companies
Pre-employment check-up, periodic check-up, other check-ups

1000,- CZK

Driving licence

600,- CZK

International certificate of vaccination (Yellow Card)

600,- CZK

Second opinion (1 hour)

1000,- CZK

Psychosomatic consultation (1 hour)

1000,- CZK

Psychotherapy consultation (1 hour)

1000,- CZK

Foreigners with international insurance (Cigna, Bupa, etc.)
Money reimbursable from the insurance companies



1500,- CZK

Preventive examination
Comprehensive examination by internist,
ECG, detailed laboratory blood tests + urine analysis,
stool exam for internal bleeding, eyesight examination,
basic neurological examination,
evaluation, medical report including recommendations

3.900,- CZK

All prices for non-Czech speaking clients include the foreign language communication fee.
Price list valid to: 31.12.2018

We only accept cash payments. Thank you.